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Monday Morning Linkage

With gas prices climbing higher and higher, a massive energy crisis looming and no end to the war in Iraq in sight, we seem to be forgetting what really matters: we may be losing the iconic 76 logo. While the LA Conservancy is wasting its time trying to preserve, like, buildings and shit, one woman is waging a campaign to save her beloved balls, a victim of yet another corporate image makeover. You, too, can join the campaign by visiting her blog, Save the 76 ball.
Gas Station Icons Being 86ed [KTLA]
Save the 76 Ball

The MAK Center in West Hollywood celebrated the renovation and re-opening of the Mackey Apartments designed by Rudolf Schindler last week with a private reception. We attended and would like to report on the bon mots of Eric Owen Moss and Chris Burden but we remained camped out by the bar in the garden, rather than by the microphone on the roof. The Mackey is currently used as housing for the Artists-in-Residence program but if you're looking for LA accomodations slightly more interesting than the Standard Hotels or the Mondrian, the penthouse is available for short-term stays. Contact the Mak Center for details.
Mak Center Celebrates Mackey Apartments' Re-opening [Dexigner]

Hot Property comes full circle this weekend, with the announcement that Johnny Carson's home in Malibu is going to go on the market for about $42 million. That same house was the lead item in the very first Hot Property column back in 1984.
Less neon but more splash (second item) [LA Times]