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Vote Yes to Drive Under South Pasadena

This November's transportation bond measure has a little bit of something for everyone with any kind of gripe about getting around Southern California. The Pasadena Star-News reports on what we might get if California voters approve the $20 billion transportation bond this fall - you know, everything from improvements to the Alameda Corridor, the Pasadena to Montclair extension of the Gold Line, to that old perennial - the tunnel under South Pasadena.

The extension of carpool lane on the San Bernardino (10) Freeway from Puente Avenue in West Covina to the Orange (57) Freeway was "definitely a contender" for cash, [Daid Yale, director of regional planning for the MTA] said. Almost any project in which environmental studies have been completed has a shot to compete for bond funding, Yale said. In addition, the bond could free up cash for projects that are not yet ready for work to start, such as the Long Beach (710) Freeway tunnel under South Pasadena or improving the interchange of the 10/605 Freeway interchange, experts said.

Mike Spence, a member of the California Republican Assembly, worries that the bonds will cost us $2 billion annually in interest and like, uhh, we have no way to pay that or something. We say "whatever". We want our cool futuristic tunnel under South Pas, and we want it now.
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