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The Most Expensive House in California

House hunters rejoice. We've finally found the house that your neighbor can't top. The OC Register reports that a $75 million beach-side mansion shaped like a seashell and named after a mushroom has gone on sale for a price of $75 million. Yes, that's $75 million dollars American.

The "Portabello" mansion in Corona del Mar, according to the listing agent John McMonigle's Web site, features ocean views from most rooms, and is designed like a nautilus shell. Other features include a two-story grotto with a pool, two spas, a swim-up bar, tunnel slide, poolside lounge room and barbecue area.

It also boasts an "entertainment level" basement with a bowling alley, art deco theater, automotive museum, café and full exercise facility.

According to the home's title report and Zillow, the home's estimated value is $29 million, based on land of $13 million, and improvements of $16 million. So for that $75 million price tag we also assume that there's a family of magical, wish granting dolphins living in the grotto and the faucets have a spigot for Cristal.
· New high: $75 million home [OC Register]
· 4627 Brighton Rd, Newport Beach, CA 92625 [Zillow]