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IAC's Poor Stepsister: A Look Inside

Late Friday Gehry Bonus: While our sister site in New York keeps a watchful eye over the construction of the Interactive Corp headquarters in Chelsea designed by (who else?) Gehry, the redheaded stepchild, the freebie he clearly threw in with the $100 million, 10 story behemoth he's building in NY, opened quietly in LA several months ago. Our day job required us to make a trip there the other day for a meeting, and after all of our bitching about readers not toting along cameras wherever they go to send us pictures, we stupidly left ours at home. Thus, left with only a grainy cell cam, we surreptitously shot a couple of pix from within Gehry's afterthought.

More pix after the jump.

Yup, Gehry-designed chairs in the lobby. Far less comfortable than his cardboard chairs.

The "microwave" elevator. We feel like a hot pocket.

Hey - mesh! How else would we know we're in a Gehry building?

Anyone have some better shots? Flickr and Google Images are turning up jack.