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Thursday Morning Linkage

Still looking for that beach house just in time for summer? PadStyle links to a Laguna Beach tri-level dwelling, asking price $12.5 million, literally just a hop-skip-and jump from the beach. And it features our favorite amenity - shag carpeting. Hot.
· Laguna Beach Luxury [PadStyle]

Stop that conversion! Good news for our poorer brothers and sisters living in downtown "flop houses" (NPRs words, not ours). The LA City Council has placed a one-year moratorium on the conversion of downtown residential hotels into the luxury lofts that are de rigeur these days.
· LA seeks to balance rich and poor [Reuters]

There's another world in Orange County. We're feeling a tad disconnected. Hippie-hipsters in Costa Mesa are taking their plans for a utopian, creative, eco-friendly neighborhood and making it a reality. Anti-mall developer Shaheen Sadeghi has submitted plans to turn ugly industrial and commercial developments into a hip/vegan/commune for artsy folks. The SoBeCa Urban Plan, as his plan is called, has received approval from the Costa Mesa City Council.
· Anti-mall creator hopes to expand [OC Register]