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Beverly Grove Neighborhood Brou Ha Ha

We received another email last week that piqued our curiosity. So while we were checking out the Garagemajal on Doheny yesterday, we also swung by a demolition site on Sweetzer, just above Third. Lordy, lordy, there was a huge pile of rubble. In the picture above, the three buildings in the center of the block are now gone. We matched up the roof from one of the pics on Live Local to the rubble we saw at the site. The tipster writes in:

"I don't know if anyone has alerted you guys to the destruction of the block of Sweetzer between First and Third- they took three of the sweet old courtyard buildings- evicted everyone and are now building a monstrosity." Anybody have an idea what this monstrosity will look like? There's a senior living building across the street - maybe another one of those? Of course we have more pics after the jump.