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Restaurant Rumblings: The Building of (Minor) Empires

Our readers are finally learning the importance of A) sending tips and B) sending pictures. It makes our job so much easier, and we're very, very lazy - so keep them coming. Today, tips on two local restaurants planning expansions:

One reader writes "Not as exciting as the Batali venture of course, but popular local trattoria, Il Capriccio, looks to be opening a 2nd spot, "Il Capriccio Pizzeria" on Hollywood between Vermont and Hillhurst." Now if only they would stay open past 9:30 on a weekday.

Another reader questions the future of the old Cafe Tartine space on Beverly, which has previously been rumored to be another outpost of the Eat Well empire (and by empire, we mean the other 3):

"The reason I said the name may not end up Eat Well, is that the buyer is Alfredo Diaz, who owns the Eat Well in Silver Lake, yet also owns the Cafe Kokomo in the Farmer's Market, and if you remember last week in the LAT, there was that feature on Kokomo, and I am wondering if the Tartine acquisition was actually to relocate Kokomo out of the market, since the rents are HIGH, as in VERY HIGH, and he could probably take most of his entire business with him." So there you have it. Eventually, you will be able to order your egg white omelette at the old Cafe Tartine, and that's really all that matters, isn't it?