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The Celebrity Real Estate Merry-Go-Round

ABC News gives a breakdown of the complicated mathematics of celebrity real estate purchasing. As if calculating a price based on location, property taxes and mortgage payments isn't complex enough, when celebs buy homes from other celebs, there is also the much more nuanced evaluation of career status for both buyer and seller. They also probe the deeper questions: Does a home once owned by Richard Dreyfuss, then by Kevin Costner, sold to Ryan Seacrest "represent a shift in the Hollywood zeitgeist, a move away from the financial reward of artistic achievement to the new reality TV cultural phenomenon that spawned Seacrest's popularity?" Their answer: Its all abut the Benjamins. If you can afford it, you can have it. Its nice to know some things in Hollywood never change. And they have clearly forgotten that one of Costner's "artistic achievements" was Waterworld.
Celebs Play Musical Chairs With Hollywood Homes [ABC News]