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Observing the Observatory: The Media Hype Begins

In anticipation of the culmination of the four year, $93 million makeover of Griffith Observatory, the media tours have begun. And like an aging starlet, the observatory has not only had the architectural equivalent of a breast augmentation, lift, and maybe a lip filler or two, its also turned up the glamour quotient. So don't just expect a bigger, shinier observatory and more exhibits - that's not enough to drag Angelenos up the mountain. They also need a Wolfgang Puck-run restaurant, a theater named for Leonard Nimoy (insert your own Trekkie joke here), and reassurances that this is "not about learning." No, learning is B-O-R-I-N-G. Rather, the observatory's manager of exhibit programs Mark Pine insists its "an opportunity to be excited, to be inspired." That opportunity will be available to the rest of us plebes this fall.
Four years and $93 million later, a revamped, beefed up Griffith Observatory promises to be L.A.'s shining star [LA Daily News]