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Garagemahal has Neighbors Fuming

We received an email last week from a concerned individual who had eyewitnessed a monstrosity growing in the streets just above Sunset. Naturally, his email with excellent use of capitalization earned our interest. So today, while recovering from a nasty cold at home, we decided to go out and take a look for ourselves. Here's the email: "I have a friend who lives on Doheny, just north of Sunset, and today, when I picked him up for lunch, I saw something that shocked the s**t out of me:

Forget McMansions. In this neighborhood of *real* mansions, a homeowner on Doheny is building a 2- or 3-level PARKING GARAGE in his FRONT YARD!!!

Yes, you read correctly. It looks like a structure you'd see adjacent to an OFFICE BUILDING. Although still under construction, the basic structure is already fully realized, looming hideously just yards away from the street. I'm so sorry I didn't have a camera with me. My friend says the neighborhood residents are BEYOND OUTRAGED, to say the least -- and they're all wondering whom the owner had to pay off to get this bizarre, COMMERCIAL project approved for a FRONT YARD in their otherwise gorgeous, residential neighborhood. Reportedly, the owner is building it to house his automobile collection.

Please, please go and see it for yourself. I promise: YOU WILL BE FLOORED! It's literally just above Sunset."

Thanks reader. It was pretty big. As you can see in the picture above, you can just barely see the front of the existing house through the concrete structure going up. We included a few more pics after the jump.