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Monday Morning Linkage

The newest trend in malls: de-malling the mall and reinventing them as "lifestyle centers." What the hell does that mean? Basically, bye-bye indoor malls. Hello to the Grove. And of course, LA leads the way.
Eyeing success of `lifestyle centers,' malls look to reinvent [Mercury News]

Westwood is fast becoming the locus of all west side real estate controversy, perhaps rivaling downtown in contentiousness. First, the debate over expanding the FBI land on Wilshire. Then, a controversial plan to sell a parcel of Army-owned land. Now, a plan to house 500 homeless Vets at the VA has kick-started more NIMBYism from local residents. Both sides are stepping up their lobbying in DC, where a decision is expected soon.
Plan to House Homeless Vets Pending Decision [Santa Monica News]

Garage Mahals, Tuscan McMansions, and the humble strip mall. The LA Times chronicles these and other uniquely SoCal inventions and architectural eyesores.
What were they thinking? [LA Times]