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Kathy Griffin "Flies" to Court over House

Self-proclaimed “D-list” celeb Kathy Griffin has made an “A-list” move by suing some people. She’s suing the elderly couple that constructed the Hollywood Hills home that she purchased from them a few years ago. The house, called “Wings,” was the dream home designed and built by the couple, but they were forced to sell when a disability prevented them from living there. Now they live down the street just to make sure that the lawsuit is as painful as possible. She is claiming that the home, valued at almost $3 million, has some sort of construction defect. We discovered that co-editor Cary lives just a short walk from “Wings,” so he played paparazzi and did some sleuth photography to get some of Curbed LA’s very own pictures of the house. We're pretty sure he didn't get caught.
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