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Slacker Friday: A Press Release

Dude, we never post press releases. We hate them. But today is Slacker Friday where all rules are bendable in order to inform and entertain you, the reader. So here's a press releases about a big honkin' going out of business sale for the Robinson May in Beverly Hills. Everything MUST GO! You may recall we posted a blog bit about the closing of the R-M store to make way for a new luxury residential project designed by Richard Meier.


Robinson’s-May Dept. Store-Beverly Hills to open for World’s Largest Garage Sale!
The landmark Robinson’s-May Dept. Store in Beverly Hills has closed but will re-open Friday-Saturday & Sunday for what is truly the world’s largest garage sale. All four floors (240,000 sq. ft.), loaded with memorabilia of years past, store fixtures and equipment, décor, warehouses, displays, visuals and literally a treasure of incredible items that have been part of the store will be offered for sale to the public. The sale begins on Friday (April 7) at 10 AM. The sale will continue till 4pm. The sale will continue Saturday & Sunday from 10am to 4 PM till all is sold.

Many customers have requested that they would like the opportunity to purchase a remembrance of this historic location. This “garage” type of sale will afford all the customers, businesses, and interestedconsumers an opportunity to buy some rare and different items. All the merchandise has been moved. Remaining for sale are items from showcases, cabinets, counters, tables, thousands of clothing racks, warehouses, shelving, lighting, décor of all types, displays & visuals used in the store (including some of the famous Xmas décor), manikins, offices, glass, old time displays, and many other truly pieces of history from the store. This is a “cash & carry” sale. The sale is-like a garage sale-first come-first served. All items are negotiable. There are no returns and all sales are final. It is buyer beware-there are no guarantees. Be prepared to move your own items whether it is a showcase or a desk. Bring your trucks and be prepared to move. There will be a main desk pricing items and negotiating the prices of some very unusual items. This historic 240,000-square-foot store at 9900 Wilshire Blvd. was a sensation when it opened in 1952 as a high-end Robinsons. The $6-million structure (in 1952 dollars) boasted travertine stone from Peru, rose marble from Portugal, black granite from Brazil and rosewood from Madagascar.

“Many of our customers have asked us for a chance to buy some of the items they have seen over the years when they have visited the Robinson’s Beverly Hills store. The store will reopen for these last 3 days to offer our loyal customers this opportunity,” said Rick Harris who will oversee the sale. For more info: Rick Harris 216.926.2661