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Slacker Friday: Our Kitchen Is Killing Us

So you've furnished your kitchen with the fanciest Sub-Zero fridge, Viking range, cement sink, and all the accoutrements that come with fanciful kitchen living. Now prepare to get fat and die. A UCLA researcher has linked obesity to the modern kitchen.

Dr. Naomi Neufeld, with the University of California, Los Angeles, warns that larger kitchens and easy-to-use appliances create more diet traps. "The downside of these big kitchens is the temptation to fill them with everything that tastes good," said Neufeld.

New luxury kitchens come equipped with fancy refrigerators, well-stocked pantries and a flat screen TV. The kitchen is becoming the family room where we watch TV, pay bills, and help the kids do homework. That extra time in the kitchen can lead to unhealthy snacking.

We wanted to bold the entire blurb above because it's truly priceless. In addition to modern kitchens, living in suburbs, playing video games, being unhappy, being too happy, and being Santa Claus have also been linked to obesity.
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