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More Action on Dicks Street

[Credit: Ryan Gierach/WeHo News]

Dicks may be disappearing in West Hollywood much to the dismay of many its patrons. The street with the infamous name causes residents to endure lots of torment from such evil people as customer service representatives, friends, and delivery people. According to WeHo News, their quest to rename the street has moved forward a few inches. The City initially resisted the renaming because it was thought that streets in the area, dubbed the "Norma Triangle," were named for silent screen stars of the 1920s. However, a historian hired to penentrate the issue found that the names of the streets may have much less historical value and were probably named after the familes of those who initially constructed the streets (and apparently one man's source of pride). The issue may now thrust forward, and the City will consider the proposal further. If it changes, we're sad that we won't be able to make any more puns.
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