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Mythical Hipster Hood Found in Echo Park

There is a land where 20-something boys with perfectly tussled hair wear Defunker t-shirts and criss cross the hilltops in shiny Vespas with giggly emo girls riding along on trips to Trader Joe's. Via Craigslist, we have found that place - on a hillside overlooking the lake in Echo Park is a magical neighborhood where "the East Village meets San Francisco"; where "pre-Abbot Kinney Venice" is not a memory, but a reality; where you're close enough to Silver Lake to feel the angst, but none of the hype. And now for $2,500/month of your trustfund (because nobody in the hipster hood needs a job) you can rent a piece of hipster heaven.

Oh yeah, the place also has great storage space and a brand new terrace with saltillo tile. Sweet.
· $2500 - undiscovered echo park hillside on the lake 2-3br [Craigslist]