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Wednesday Morning Linkage: Architecture Edition

BusinessWeek Online gets its Gehry on. After yesterday's baffling review of a Frank Gehry, Thom Mayne and Cesar Pelli lecture at the PDC, wherein all must submit to the fascism genius of Gehry, BusinessWeek makes amends. Today they give us a thoughtful, intelligent article questioning the wisdom of all-Gehry designed megaprojects in LA and NY, via the LATimes' resident architecture critic, Christopher Hawthorne. Who knew BusinessWeek could offer something besides B-school and mutual fund advice?
Gehryland, USA [BusinessWeek Online]
Gehry Meets His Peers [BusinessWeek Online]

While Ray Kappe usually gets all the credit for founding SCI-ARC, and director Eric Owen Moss gets all the attention today, for being, well, kind of a dickhead, Archinect offers us a (long) interview with Glen Small, arguably the least well-known of SCI-ARC's many founders.
Glen Small Interview [Archinect]

More LA architecture news! Since Robert Timme, USC's School of Architecture dean passed away late last year, its been unclear who will take over that post. A student there has posted the shortlist of potential candidates on his Archinect school blog, with news that each will be giving a guest lecture at the school. Most interesting? Half the candidates come from an urban planning background.
USC Architecture Dean News [Archinect Schoolblog Project]