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Tuesday Morning Linkage

Santa Monica’s planning a community beach club. NIMBYism rises again, and nearby residents are unhappy.
· City, Neighbors in Legal Tug of War Over Beach Club [The LookOut]

The City is planning to build a new LAPD headquarters on a parcel downtown that many thought was supposed to be a park. Many feel duped.
· Urban Pioneers in Battle Usually Fought in Suburbs [LA Times]

Home ownership is now officially unattainable for the middle class in Southern California. Many employers are devising home ownership benefits to recruit or to keep employees from jumping ship.
· Housing Perks on the Rise for Middle Class [LA Times]

People continue to buy new sprawl and new McMansions in greater numbers over last year. Existing housing stock purchases decline.
· Los Angeles County New Home Sales Soar [Daily Breeze]

Downtown residential building continues to be strong. No end in sight to the various iterations of luxury living downtown.
· Residential Stays Strong [Downtown News]

Once thought to be the province of downtown, “loft” living has now come to the gentry instead of the gentry going to the lofts. Lofts on the Westside are coming.
· Developers Bet on Marina del Rey-Area Lofts to Set a Trend [Daily Breeze]