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Rumblings & Bumblings: Mark Taper Memorial Questions

Remember last week when we were complaining about the non-stop miserable rain. Guess what? It's still raining. Oy! Please feel free to email your answers, comments or questions to us at We'll keep you as anonymous as you want to be.

1) Santa Monica: Hello Santa Monica. Nice to see you again. A question for you: "What are they building at the corner of 5th and Arizona in Santa Monica? There used to be a shoddy looking Scientology building there...I'm just hoping they don't build a bigger, better one."

2) Los Angeles: A reader asks a question that we haven't given much thought to until now. Good question. "While sitting at the Mark Taper Imaging Center at Cedars Sinai the other day, my friend, who was there to get a PET scan, asked me "Who IS Mark Taper and why is he imaging AND putting on plays downtown?" So, I came home and googled Mark Taper, as well as S. Mark Taper. And those two big buildings are only the beginning of the places that bear his name. No web site, just 400,000 plus references to Mark Taper. Can you help me out here?" Hmmm... if Google doesn't know then we're lost.

3) North Hollywood: A reader asks about homes being demolished in NoHo. We seem to remember something about this. Maybe we posted on it earlier... "does anyone know what is happening on La Maida st. between Elmer and Lankershim in North Hollywood? We live just south of Camarillo a few blocks away and noticed that literally blocks of houses are being demolished to make room for? more apartment buildings?

How did developers get their hands on SO MANY beautiful houses? We are talking at least 10 to 15 properties, all at least 70000 to 9000 sq. ft., with homes from the 20's on them, many still in great condition."