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McMansion Envy #018

If you're like us, you watch Top Chef on Bravo. And sometimes you start staring off into space and 60 minutes flies by and then a big pile of crap called Real Housewives of Orange County shows up on your TV. And all the stereotypes of Orange County are realized before your very eyes. So this week, we look to Coto de Caza, setting for Real Housewives, for our McMansion Envy selection. This week we picked the boldest of the bold - a 4,900 sq. ft mini dream, with 4 balconies, 4 garage doors, 6 bedrooms and wall to wall carpet on a cul de sac. Meet your rich neighbors at the HOA pool! Retail Price: $1,799,000.
· 5 Rue Renoir, Coto De Caza, CA 92679 [Homesby]