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Cerritos: From Cow Town to Car Town

LAs little buddy to the southeast is celebrating its 50th Birthday this weekend. Cerritos holds a special place in our cold dark hearts - besides their amazing library (must see!) they also boast one of the most astounding collection of car dealerships in the region, ensuring that the city will be well stocked with sales tax revenue for years to come. Our good friend Rob-Rob is also an important personnage in the City - dude, we need to get you those Pizzicato 5 CDs back soon. Hard to believe, but at one time Cerritos was known more for its dairy processing than its car dealerships. Via Wikipedia:
Cerritos was incorporated on April 24, 1956 originally as the City of Dairy Valley, its name symbolizing the more than 400 dairies, 100,000 cows and 106,300 chickens found within its limits. The cows outnumbered the City's 3,439 residents by 29 to one. At its peak, the City produced more dairy than any other place in the nation, surpassing even the entire state of Wisconsin.
· Cerritos celebrates 50th anniversary this weekend [OC Register]