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OC Housewives Getting Synched Traffic Lights

When it comes to driving through intersections with traffic signals, those real housewives down in Orange County may have the last laugh. They have lunches, charity events, and yoga classes to get to STAT! Fortunately for them, the OCTA is planning to upgrade, improve, and synchronize most of the traffic signals in the county at the cost of $567 million. And the OC going to pay for it, thanks to a ballot measure passed in November. This, of course, means that cities have to give up some of their control over traffic signals to the regional agency. Newport Beach residents can look at the silver lining, however: their gardeners and maids can get there even sooner! Now, we know we beat up on the OC every once in a while, but LA should really take note on this one. Before LA traffic engineers even begin to contemplate synchronization, they should probably become familiar with the concept.
· $567 Million for 15% off Some Commutes [OC Register]