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Surprise: SoCal Air is Gross

Four Southern California counties have again won the dubious honor of having some filthy air up in here, according to an American Lung Association report. Riverside, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange counties all received failing grades on their air quality, with the Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Riverside areas being the worst in the country. Though we do love our cheap Hello Kitty trinkets imported from Asia, the ports seem to be a big problem when it comes to air quality:

Exhaust from trucks and boats coming into California's ports are increasing the state's particle pollution. "Until we control marine and locomotive sources of pollution, the people in our port and industrial cities will not breathe clean air," Balmes said. Every day the ships that dock at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach create more pollution than 1 million cars, said Bonnie Holmes-Gen, the American Lung Association's vice president of government relations.

That’s just nasty.
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