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Thursday Morning Linkage

[Photo: Marianne Lacey and the Eames Foundation]

Charles and Ray Eames' grandson reminisces about life in the Eames House in Pacific Palisades. Somehow, he values the house at about $20 million, which seems a bit high, even by current LA real estate standards. And his favorite Eames design? The lowly airport bench seats.
Practical legacy [Sydney Morning Herald]

If sometimes LA feels like a movie set to you, you're not the only one who thinks so. Today's LA Times features an excerpt from Robert Winter's book, "The Architecture of Entertainment: L.A. in the Twenties," exploring how the movies influenced architecture: "Architecture had begun to act in movies; skyscrapers had risen to the status of movie stars." Next up: SAG representation and a prime seat at the Ivy.
A cinematic awakening transforms L.A. architecture [LA Times]

LA Weekly sticks to its alternative roots, offering another perspective on the Grand Ave development. Their beef: the meager county revenue the project will generate while it faces a possible $1.1 billion health care deficit. And while we usually welcome the opportunity to mock and deride Joel Kotkin, we have to agree with him here. It seems at least a portion of the lease money would be better spent on health facilities, rather than touting the creation of new construction jobs.
Dreamin' on Grand Avenue [LA Weekly]