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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Clippers Go Playa

We're kind of enjoying these comment things. Who knew you readers could be such bitchy sourpusses. Now for this week's R&B, we had three questions. Care to guess how many were answered? If you said "Two, but not really" you are correct.

1) Playa Vista: What's happening at Playa Vista Stages? Maybe we should ask what isn't happening. Readers say: "I know they were filming the ground zero movie with Nic Cage at the Howard Hughes Stages a couple of months back. They had a whole replica of ground zero built there. The construction might be associated with the movie."

'Nother reader and Playa Vista resident sends us a link with info on the Clipper's new training facility soon to be built at Playa Vista.

And lastly, one commenter says to expect more faux-Tuscan abodes on the mosquito infested swamp, while another commenter takes him to task, saying "This is phase 2 (of Playa Vista) alright but it not so simple. It is a highly contested piece of land that is home to more than 200 species of rare species and migrating birds."

2) Silver Lake Adj.: Sorry to say nobody knows (or is telling) what's planned for the corner of Rampart & Temple.

3) Hollywood: We learned a lot about Thai Town Express. Lunch specials are decent, but there's better food in the area. In regards to our question about development on that corner of Hollywood and Western, one of you says: "cant tell you much, but as i remember the CRA put out a call for bids a while back on the hot dog property as well as two or three properties scattered around hollywood blvd continuing a block or two to the west. the old hollywood panorama was kicked out of their space to make way for the new development. dont know who won the bid." That's more than we knew before. Thanks.

UPDATE To a CORRECTION: Casden Properties has responded to our correction last week, where a reader claimed that not only had Casden failed to build senior housing as promised, but they had also failed to replace the tennis courts that they tore down a year ago. We received the following email.

---------------------------------------- Subject: RE: Rumblings & Bumblings: Sunny Tuesday Edition
From: "Darren Embry"
Date: Tue, April 25, 2006 4:11 pm
To: (


Speaking as a representative of Casden Properties, the owner of the Ross site on 3rd and Ogden, I would like to take this opportunity to correct the following correction.

Correction: From the question about the Ross & development next to The Grove a reader writes in to correct this sentence "Casden bought the rights to build, and built everything but the senior facility."
"Just a minor correction on your Casden posting. They have NOT built everything as they have not replaced the tennis courts they tore down a year ago. We keep hearing their promises but they haven't done a thing yet. OK, so it's not senior housing, but still important to many of the PLB residents who rented here because of the tennis courts."

When Casden Park La Brea LLC began developing the Park LaBrea sites on 3rd and 6th streets, there were seven (7) tennis courts that needed to be relocated and/or replaced. As the City requested, we paid to relocate three (3) of the courts which were positioned atop the parking structure on the eastern edge of Park LaBrea at 4th Street.

For the remaining four (4) tennis courts, the City requested (and received from Casden) in-lieu fees in the amount of $400,000 (100K per court). The City chose to use those fees to increase the funding for Pan Pacific Park's reconstruction and improvement.


Darren Embry
Community Relations Manager

Thanks to you all for your questions and answers. we'll gladly take more for next week. please email them to or leave them in the comments section. Thank you.