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Casden In the Clear; Correction Clarified

Despite claims thet they're "scum that could give a crap about the community" made by a commenter - he meant it affectionately, we're sure - one of the original complaintants against Casden Properties has responded to the correction of the correction in today's Rumblings & Bumblings.

Clarification of Correction of Correction RE: Casden Development

A clarification of the correction of the correction of my statement about tennis courts -

Casden paid to have tennis courts built at Park La Brea; thus my claim that they did what they were supposed to do. Tennis courts have since been torn down by current Park La Brea owners; thus PLB resident's "correction". So, Darren Embry is right, for now.

Cool. So now everyone involved can agree that the current Park La Brea owners are at fault for messing with the peoples tennis courts. It sounds positively third-world over there.
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