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More H&Ms Than Meets The Eye

A reader has spotted another possible H&M location in the southland. In addition to Hollywood, the Beverly Center and Old Town Pasadena, could there be another store full of inexpensive swedish clothing in our midst?

I was at the Westfield Santa Anita mall in Arcadia the other day and I saw that they were advertising H&M along with a new Guess and Marciano store. Old Town Pasadena has a crappy Guess (for women only) and no Marciano so that's a good thing. Anyway, I don't know where specifically in the mall they were going to put H&M, but I *think* that it might be where the old Robinson's May was though that seems really huge. It just seems to me that a regular Gap or Old Navy size store wouldn't suffice for H&M since I know the stores in Europe are pretty huge, but then again I didn't search around the mall for stores that were being refurbished. I couldn't find anything on mall website about H&M, but I did find a job posting for a Management position in Arcadia for H&M.
Any other H&Ms we haven't found yet? Maybe something in the South Bay?
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