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Rumblings & Bumblings: Pad Thai Hot Dog

(Picture by Shannon Hoff/

Please feel free to email your answers, comments or questions to us at We'll keep you as anonymous as you want to be.

1) Playa Vista: Our first questioner asks, "Hi, do you know anything about what's going on at the old Hughes Aircraft site, just at the end of Centinela? They call that area "Playa Vista Stages", and there seems to be some new construction going on. I have heard rumors that the Clippers might be building a practice facilty there, and that they might be building a Howard Hughes museum."

2) Silver Lake Adj.: This question comes from a commenter. Sweet. "Does anyone know how the 2 lots will be developed at the N. E. corner of N Rampart Blvd & W Temple St in Los Angeles, CA 90026?

There was an office building with an abandoned house next to it. Looks like someone bought both lots and is planning to develop the corner."

3) Hollywood: Finally, a question we ponder nightly. "When is somebody going to redevelop the northwest corner of Hollywood and Western (at the intersection of Thai Town and Little Armenia)? Is the Thai food place with the hot dog on top any good?"