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LivingHomes Prefab Still Being Fabbed

Despite the high gas prices, this weekend we made it over Santa Monica way to check out the Ray Kappe designed LivingHomes' prefab house that we reported on with great fervor several weeks ago. (Thanks to Orhan Ayyuce of Archinect for providing us with directions). We even brought our camera to catch the home in full repose; completed and fully lived in. Apparently, as the pictures indicate, work continues on the home. We thought this prefab stuff was done in a day or two, hence the name prefab. Just a few bolts tightened and voila, you have a house. Not so! While the structure is firmly in place, many of the walls have yet to go in and then there's the wiring and the plumbing and the gas, etc. But we're missing the point entirely, because the big selling point of these homes is their environmental friendliness. And in honor of this past weekend's Earth Day, that's something worth waiting for.

We have more pictures after the jump if you're curious.

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