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Bloggers on Gehry

(Image via BlogDowntown/Eric Richardson)

A few local bloggers made it to the Grand Ave. razz-ma-tazz this morning and have provided pictures and commentary. We summarize the general reaction.

Via BlogDowntown: "What will be very telling, though, is how Related chooses to treat the corner of the project at 2nd and Olive. Tom Gilmore set up shop on that corner of the model telling anyone who would listen that he loves the project design, except for that one corner. His concern, and mine as well, is that this corner needs to guide people up into the plaza instead of leaving them to make their way around the block. The design is still early, though, so there's certainly time for improvement." (view the Flickr set here)

Via LAist: "There were an array of speakers... "This is a city of dreams," Mayor V said. "This is a city of hope. If not here, where?" Steve Ross agreed. "Great cities require a great center," he said, then proceeded to imply that New York, his home, would always be greater. But Frank Gehry got things back on track, asking "What can it be? What should it look like?" then answering himself: "It shouldn't look like New York. It shouldn't look like Paris. It should look like us."

Was that it? No other bloggers interested. Too bad. If we missed your take please let us know in the comments down below.