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More Open Houses: Orson Welles Slept Here

If all this non-stop Gehry talk has worn you down, never fear. We're going old school again, with news of two more open houses by those austrian ex-roomie imports who hated each other, Schindler and Neutra (deathbed reconciliation aside). Tomorrow and Sunday, both Neutra's Strathmore Apartments and Schindler DeKeyser are having open houses - will their rivalry never end? We already covered DeKeyser's amenities last week,so let's focus on the Strathmore - which isn't the entire building but simply one condo in the building for sale, for $795,000. Like most Neutras, lots of light, lots of windows but who really cares about that? More importantly, famous people lived there. Specifically, Orson Welles, Charles and Ray Eames and Case Study patron, John Entenza. So impressive architectural pedigree, with a little bit of old Hollywood glamour (if you can consider Welles glamorous. All 350 pounds of him).

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