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Extreme Environmentalism: Wing House In Malibu

With Earth Day tomorrow, and Boeing rolling off the assembly line the last ever commercial plane bulit in Southern California this week, its inevitable that our thoughts turn to planes, sustainability and...housing. Right?...Right? Ok, so maybe that's a convoluted attempt to tie disparate events together, but hey - check it out - a woman in Malibu is building her house out of a 747!

While the cost to buy an unused 747 is just a lowly $100,000, the cost for construction is expected to run several million dollars. But at least the architect plans not to waste any fuselage: "As we analysed the cost, it seemed to make more sense to acquire an entire aeroplane and to use as many of the components as possible, like the Native American Indians used every part of the buffalo."

The FAA is less sanguine. To avoid scaring the bejesus out of passengers flying into LAX, the FAA has asked the woman to use clear markings on the fuselage.