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L.A. May Get Two NFL Teams (The Revenge of Pasadena)

The latest discussions about the NFL's return to LA revolve around whether a second team should be added to the package. That would be cool, right? One team playing in Anaheim and one in LA. Everyone's happy. But wait! The proposal is to have two teams play in the same stadium. Say what?? And guess what - Pasadena is back in the hunt. The Rose Bowl people will make a formal presentation to NFL owners at a May 2 meeting. Good grief.

The NFL owners have worried that they would not have a balanced schedule if they added a single expansion team. A second Los Angeles team would solve that dilemma.

The second team would be considered five to 10 years after the first team is established, the source said.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said the league also is looking at the possibility for a second team in Anaheim if that city is selected by the owners for a Southern California franchise.

Further negotiations and more presentations are planned to sort out this mess. We have a feeling we're all going to get screwed by this somehow.
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