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McMansion Envy #17: The Real Deal

This one might be slightly more south than we tend to cover, but we can't help posting about the delicious irony of a McDonald's heir selling off her McMansion. According to Forbes, Ray Kroc's widow Joan B. Kroc, is looking to unload her estate for a cool $28 million. Take that, Brad and Jen. So what does 28 million buy you these days?

The custom-designed main home has a double-faced fireplace and a wet bar in the living room, a sunset area with floor-to-ceiling windows, and a 1,000-bottle wine cellar. The library is two stories high, and the master suite features a marble fireplace. The grounds include a resort-style swimming pool, two guest houses, two outdoor kitchens and garage space for 20 cars. When the property sells, it could set a price record for the area.

Christie's great estates has the listing. with more photos available.

UPDATE: One of our readers informs us that dear Mrs. Kroc passed on in 2003. So its her estate selling the, uh, estate. Got that?

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Montagne de la Paloma [Christie's Great Estates]