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Golf and Horses Endangered in Rolling Hills Estates

Speaking of the Palos Verdes Peninsula, alarming news devastated residents of Rolling Hills Estates. A long planned golf course on top of the Palos Verdes landfill has been abandoned. Widespread contention over the project, such as the miraculous revelation that golf courses use a lot of water, caused the developers to trash the project. Fat retirees are very disappointed that they will have one fewer golf course on the Peninsula.

"We have a bunch of golfers out there on The Hill who ... will be greatly disappointed," [County Supervisor Knabe] said. "But I also think those golfers would be very disappointed if they had to pay $250 for a round of golf as well." Now residents can turn to the pressing issues in their community. The horse stables built atop the landfill need some repairs because the land beneath them has settled. Horses in Rolling Hills Estates must have luxury accommodations, damnit! Something must be done to erase this embarrassment; it’s bad enough that Fifi has to live on a former dump. "Those stables are falling down and it's a disgrace to a community of this economic level," said Melody Colbert, treasurer of the Palos Verdes Peninsula Horsemen's Association, adding she was relieved talk of the project was over. With all this recent action on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, nothing will happen again there for another 5 years.
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