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Desperately Seeking Trailer

For those of you thought you were resigned to renting because of the costs of owning lately, look no further. You can co-own a trailer home with a total stranger! This ad on Craigslist is just weird. This woman will stop at nothing to make sure she can get her double wide ASAP.

I'm 24 and female and I'm looking for others, (room mates but rather others who are interested in getting a manufactured home with me.) I'm priced out of this expensive housing market all by myself. I just barely fall short. I'd really like to buy a home by sharing a mortgage with a room mate. It is more stable than renting rooms. I know that if a husband a wife can get a mortgage, so can two people who are not husband and wife. Maybe two or three friends, and manufactured homes tend to be far less expensive. Even if the other room mates income is small, we can pull our rescourses [sic] together to get out of being without a permanent place to live any longer.
Wait. Is this just a mask for a personal ad?
· ISO room mates to share Manufactured home [Craigslist]