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Public Parks Panel at LACMA

Photo by Sylva Blackstone, 10-acre habitat restoration site o n the Arroyo Seco, below Devil`s Gate Dam in the City of Pasadena.

With our mayor vowing the make LA "the greenest city in the country" all eyes are on the upcoming parks projects: Rio de Los Angeles State Park, Los Angeles State Historic Park, and the contentious Grand Ave park. With so many new parks in the proposal and development stage, its inevitable that everyone has an opinion on the future of LA's green space. LACMA's rounded up a couple of experts to weigh in: "an artist, a landscape architect, a public policy expert, and an architect will discuss how parks and recreation sites have evolved over the city's history and speculate on their future."

It actually looks like an interesting panel. Sure, we're used to hearing Marty Kaplan by now - in the LA Times, on NPR, rubbing elbows with Nora Ephron and David Mamet on HuffPo. The Grand Ave park has become his raison d'etre. (yeah, we can use French here if we want to). So it should be fun to hear from a few "alternate" voices in the debate. Now if only they could have convinced Eli Broad to participate.

Thursday, May 18, 2006, 7:30 P.M.
Admission is free; there is no reserved seating.
For information please contact the Education Department at (323) 857-6512 or go to
Lectures and Symposia [LACMA]