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Billboard Art on the Strip

Remixes, mashups, crossbreeding - we see it in music, art, architecture, film, fashion and now...billboards. The MAK Center for Art and Architecture and the City of West Hollywood have mounted a billboard at Sunset and Olive by artist Brandon Lattu. Like a piece of giant refrigerator poetry, Lattu has taken images and text from nearby billboards to create a work that reads “like a poem of collaboration for all of these competing voices." Um, ok. Leaving the art-speak aside, a work that skewers the overwrought commercialism of the Strip sounds good to us, if a little besides the point. After all, isn't that what we love about it in the first place?

Brandon Lattu
Billboard project on Sunset and Olive in West Hollywood
Courtesy of MAK Center for Art and Architecture at the Schindler House,
City of West Hollywood's Art on the Outside Initiative and CBS Outdoor
© MAK Center/Brandon Lattu