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FBI Building Plan A, um, Bomb With Residents

West LA Online reports that local Westwood residents are none-too-pleased with a proposed expansion of FBI headquarters at the Wilshire Federal Building. Residents have formed a coalition to combat the expansion, The Federal Building Coalition, which could have used an "anti" or "against" in the title. According to the Daily Bruin, the coalition is the largest in the West side's history, with nearly a quarter of a million people involved. The major fear is combining the 12 disparate sites of the FBI offices will result in massive gridlock, and anyone who has ever tried to drive down Wilshire near the 405 around 5pm knows its already an exercise in futility. could it possibly get worse?

West LA Online thinks it's hit on a possible compromise: trade the FBI expansion for a Wilshire corridor subway. Riiiight. Nice idea, but we suspect those ginormous towers in downtown LA have a better chance than this.
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