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Prefab Update: Aftermath

For all those interested in how the Ray Kappe prefab extravaganza went last week, we're happy to report that we have no idea. But for those curious, a neat time-lapse photo thing is online and viewable at the LivingHomes web site. In addition, Orhan Ayyuce of Archinect - who also failed to make the VIP list - reports on his trip to the project site and provides a great summary of the pre-fab-o-rama and PR bonanza in Santa Monica. Here's a snippet:

I eavesdrop the real estate agents. They are talking like the real bosses of the whole thing, throwing hee-haws. And all the PR's are catering to them. It is not your usual construction job site but more like a commercial shoot with assistants dropping names of famous architects. Girls with cell phones are everywhere. My real agenda is, like I said, I want to see for myself if I like this gig. Anyway, one by one they stack the pieces, bolt and weld them secure. Ray and Shelly Kappe leave before the final few pieces and I am addicted and wait out to the final whistle.

Ray wins hands down. A beautiful house is installed. He made me like it, before I look at it from a remote spot and say "hello Ray" and leave.

Cool. Orhan also posts a lot of his pictures, which are great. We hope to make it to the project site for the grand opening, which the publicist promised we'd be invited to. We're still awaiting our official invite.
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