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Friday Morning Linkage: Transportation Edition

The New York Times declares after-dark bicycle rides the hottest invention since the, um, wheel. While New York bicyclists are using the time, to like, look at nature and shit, LA's after dark bicycle brigades get a little more inventive: "Prom Night brings out tuxedo-clad cyclists; the Dead Celebrities tour takes riders to sites of the deaths of famous people including Biggie Smalls and Janis Joplin. The Strip Club ride's focus is obvious."
After Dark Bicyle Rallies [The New York Times]

Little old ladies of LA vs. the LAPD: A great-great-grandmother tries to cross a street before the light turns red, fails, gets a ticket, gets famous, gets booked on the Ellen Degeneres show. Yep, just another publicity-hungry starlet trying to get famous any way she can. At least she didn't go all Zsa Zsa on the officer.
She Has World at Her Not-So-Fleet Feet [LA Times]

Good news for gays and grays! Amtrak is considering adding more train service to Palm Springs, Palm Desert and Indio. That's it, no other snarky comments. More train service is always something we're in favor of.
County considers train service from the desert to LA [KESQ Newschannel 3]