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No More NIMBY? Homeless Shelters Meet High Design

Image from Larry Underhill / PATH

The always reliable Christopher Hawthorne at the LATimes weighs in on how good design is homeless' advocates best bet to defeat NIMBYism. With billions poured into downtown's revitalization, LA is now making it a priority to clean up skid row; thus new homeless shelters are not automotically located there. With the prospect of a homeless shelter near you (ok, maybe near us but its hard to see that drunk dude who looks like Jesus and keeps talking about the chips they implanted on him living near Spiellberg or Geffen) Hawthorne proposes only one way out: good design. Why do critics always seem to believe salvation lies in smart architecture? We'll give him the benefit of the doubt this time, he makes a pretty good argument. If only NIMBYism were that easy.

West Covina isn't convinced.
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