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OC Development Goes New Urbanist On Us

A reader points us to a planned $300 million mixed use development in Garden Grove that is slowly moving forward. While the announcement doesn't have the impact of, say, those MASSIVE downtown towers LA is planning, its interesting to note the developers seem to be listening to the New Urbanists:

...More residents are looking towards urban villages with walkability and proximity to mass transit. He said that the development is on the cutting edge of a new trend towards such mixed-use urban communities, not only in Orange County, but the entire West. "There's increased interest in places with more activity," John Shumway, a principal with The Concord Group, said, noting that his company has seen urban infill jump from 10 to 40 percent in just a few years. "Cities are striving to keep pace with combination residential and commercial product."

Sounds great. The only problem - the developers haven't inked a deal with a single tenant. Starbucks, surely your quest for world domination includes Garden Grove.
$300M Orange County Mixed-Use Community In Works [Commercial Property News]