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Weekend To-Do: Schindler's DeKeyser Open on Sunday

R.M. Schindler's DeKeyser, nestled behind the far-more-famous Freeman House by Frank Lloyd Wright is for sale and open this sunday from 2-5pm. For less than a mil, you can own a piece of architectural history. For sale for $895,000 it seems like a bargain - as long as you're willing to walk. There's no on-site parking and the house is 75 steps behind the Freeman House. Even the broker warns: "[The house] is not for the faint of heart." Our world is right now being torn upside down, when even the broker frightens away prospective buyers. Oh, and the listing makes no mention of the construction currently going on as the Freeman House is receiving its much-need renovation.

So if the prospect of carrying groceries up 75 steps everyday and ongoing construction next door doesn't scare you away, you will be rewarded with a home with tons a light, a deck outside every room, and the great built-ins Schindler and his ilk loved.
DeKeyser House [The Value of Architecture]