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Prefab Goes Live in Santa Monica

At CA Boom 3 we met the nice publicist for Living Homes. She said she absolutely adored our Web site/blog thing that we do. That was enough for us. We chatted her up about the upcoming installation of the Living Homes Model Home scheduled to take place in Santa Monica. We had reported about the Ray Kappe firm earlier and were truly excited. When was it? Could we go? Could Co-editor Cary control the cranes? Well apparently that day is today and she never did inform us about it. Thanks! Via Archinect:

A Ray Kappe designed pre-fab home by 'livinghomes' will be installed on Thursday, 04/13/06, and you can watch it webcast-live from the job site That's right, through modern technology you can watch the live setup and installation of the home. Just as an update, as of 5 minutes ago, nothing's happening. Maybe we'll check back in when something does happen.
· Watch pre-fab install live [Archinect]