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How to Drunk Dial Your Tips

Following up on a question we posted last week in Rumblings & Bumblings, "What are they building at the corner of 5th and Arizona in Santa Monica?", a tipster so happened to be in the neighborhood where the questionable developments was located. He found himself staring at the answer right before him, but being piss drunk and without a computer he had no choice but to drunk dial himself in order to give us the low down.

Got good and drunk the other night at Musha (oh, that sake!) and walked past the construction site in question. Left a voicemail for myself so I could give you the data, and here's what I was able to interpret from my ramblings: 1244 6th Street, Project Number ARB05-428 will be a six story monstrosity with 49 units, 3 levels of underground parking, and ground floor retail, all thanks to our friends at JSM Construction. I just hope the Loft People stay the hell away from my favorite places and do all of their spawning on Ocean Avenue.
Thanks reader!
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