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Downtown Parking Bedlam

Parking is the bane of our existence in L.A.; we, like many Angelenos probably do, feel like we spend more time searching for a spot than we do sleeping sometimes. According to an article in the Downtown News, downtown parking is turning into one big clusterf**k. All those lofts and luxury condos may be slowly “reinvigorating” the downtown core, but as the newest in “ultimate downtown living” buildings are erected and the gentry and the hipsters move in, finding a parking spot is becoming more elusive. During the white flight era, parking became a mess downtown, and now that more people are living there and lots are being replaced by buildings, finding a parking spot is a crapshoot. Now there is a mad scramble to fix it. Public transit or smaller cars, you say? Hell, no. Driving my SUV from my luxury downtown loft guarantees me some parking!
· Trying to Solve the Parking Puzzle [L.A. Downtown News]