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Soriano for Sale: Lipetz House on the Market Again

And by again, we mean for the first time since 1940. Those early midcentury modern enthusiasts tended to hold on to their homes (see: Betty Topper, Lovell Health House; Mrs. Stahl, Case Study House 22), so its rare when one of these come on the market.

Strangely, the broker chose to evoke the glory of bygone days by using what looks like possible b/w Julius Shulman photos of the house, rather than contemporary color photos. Which we guess makes sense, since Soriano built Shulman's house, and black and white can hide a multitude of sins for a house that sat with the same owner for 66 years and is more likely in need of some TLC. The terse broker description tends to focus on the home's lineage rather than amenities, suggesting that the bargain price of $1,195,000 represents a real fixer-upper. After all, homes in Chino are going for a mil these days.

The house was Soriano's first residential commission and built in 1936 - after he'd been a protege of both Schindler and Neutra but before he became a mentor to Pierre Koenig and Craig Ellwood. Its not one of his historic/cultural monuments - yet - and its only got 2 bedrooms, 2 bath (practically a shack by McMansion standards), but its on a hillside near the reservoir. Location, location, location.
Lipetz House [Mossler and Doe]