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Buff & Hensman in the Hollywood Hills

Have we mentioned how much we enjoy mid-century modern architecture? LA is chalk full of the stuff and we get googly-eyed ever time we see a new one up for sale. From Unique California Property, we find this 1961 Buff & Hesman in the Hollywood Hills now on the market. Who are Buff & Hensman you ask? Let us 'splain. From a random Google search we learned that Conrad Buff and Donald Hensman built a California casual style of modern architecture during their long partnership. They produced homes for Steve McQueen, Frank Sinatra, Paul Anka and even the Governor's Mansion for Ronald Reagan. There's more of course. You can even read a book about them, if you so choose.

The home is situated on a 30,000 sq. ft. lot and features a pool and a guest house down a landscaped pathway. Lovely. 3 bed/3 bath. Post and Beam. Retail Price: $2,495,000.
· Buff and Hensman 1961 [Unique CA Property]
· 3512 MULTIVIEW DR []