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Homeowners Insurance: Tornadoes Scarier than Earthquakes

Earthquakes and floods be damned. Homeowners in CA can take solace: the states with the highest homeowners insurance are the ones subject to the most damage from wind, hail, hurricanes and snow. Combine that with middle America's propensity to build with wood instead of brick (don't they read their children's stories?) and you have a recipe for future disaster. Of course, CA's earthquakes can be expensive to cover, but are typically under a separate policy, so its just our storms and mudslides that push us towards the bottom of Forbes' Ten Most Expensive To Insure Your Home 2006. With an average annual premium of $753 for CA, we're nowhere near Texas' $1,328. We'll have to try harder next year to get near the top of the list. We won't be beat by other states when it comes to homicides, pollution, and homelessness. Surely, we won't be beat when it comes to soaring housing-related costs.
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